Thursday, October 30, 2008

A weekend away

Hubby and I are going away for 2 days leaving tomorrow; we'll be heading down to Austin for an SCA event. We decided to forego decorating for Halloween this year as we won't be home for it and I have to say I have really missed out little graveyard that we build in the front yard usually.

The pugs will be staying home on their own as they always do when we go out of town. Rather than take them to a kennel I found a great dog walking service a few years ago when we first moved into our home in 2005. We've used them countless times since then and have yet to have a problem and I much prefer the furkids staying at home rather than a kennel. The only thing bad about them staying home is they don't have supervision the whole time so I stress about things that could happen in between the multiple visits I book per day.

Usually when the pugs are left home alone they go into 'the dog room' which serves as their kennel for the day. Ickis still has the bad habit of marking when he is not watched so while I'd much rather them have the run of the house and use of the doggie door and backyard while I am at work they get 'kenneled' during the day. They sleep pretty much the whole time; waking only to shift positions or move around on the three oversized doggie beds in there. I know this because when we first started kenneling them I set up a webcam to make sure they were doing alright. ;)

When we go away we put a gate around the couch and loveseat, bring the doggie beds out of the doggie room and let the pugs come and go as they please outside as I wouldn't allow them to be locked up for a whole weekend. Still, even though our back gate is reinforced and padlocked after it was opened for the pugs to escape in November of 2005 (I'll share my blog entries somedtime from that horrible day) I still worry that they will get out.

I sometimes take Pearl with me to SCA events but she will be staying home with her brothers this time; she is not pleased with this at all. here is a pic of her from a previous event relaxing in my arms.

What do you all do when you have to leave your puglettes behind?


  1. We have a wonderful dog service who comes to the house when we are away and sometimes my aunt house sits and stays with them. They have a doggy door and the run of the kitchen and usually nap all day
    Have fun on your trip and kiss the babies for me!!!
    Xxxooo nancy

  2. Memere takes Lucky and I go to Miss Patty, my breeder. Memere said I am too much for her to handle, but she might try it next time. Thankfully, mom is not going anywhere!


  3. Oh boy, I am a spoiled girl. Mom and Dad take me everywhere! But if they ever do go somewhere that I can't go, I will stay with my Aunt Jenni.
    Love Clover xo

  4. My puggies usually go to the kennel, which is also the vet. The vet loves pugs and has had them his whole life so I always feel fully confortable leaving them with him. :)

    Tel us more about these SCA events! Sounds interesting! Must show pictures!

  5. I LOVE that you set up a webcam to keep tabs on them!