Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Fall Weather

It really starting to get cold down here in Texas; there was a freeze warning last night and this morning when I went to work it was 37 degrees out! Brr! The pugs are loving the weather though; they still pant for a bit during and after we finish their afternoon walk but not frighteningly so anymore. Pearl was even feeling so good that after dinner when we went out in the backyard she played chase with one of our cats; Carmy! It was extreemly cute; she is very fast but Carmy is a master dodger so they went round quite a few times before stopping.

Ickis stood by and growled at the activity while Tank barked and watched as well. The boys aren't much for chase; Ickis prefers Tug or Fetch and will want to play till long after the Humans have tired of it. Tank on the otherhand is alot more laid back and would rather just snuggle than play games. Pearl loves to snuggle with me but still has her puppy energy and often tries to engage Tank to play with her without much success so she usually ends up playing 'Keep Away' with a toy and Ickis.

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  1. Nice to meet you! Just found your blog. Your pugs are adorable!