Sunday, October 26, 2008


What a busy day! Today Pearl, Tank and I headed out to DFW Pug Rescue's Pug-O-Ween in Arlington! Ickis stayed home with Dad as he has a bit of a marking problem in new situations. :p Anyways, we headed out to Arlington around 1:30 to get there by 2 when everything was going to get started. None of is had ever been to a full pug event so we were all very excited!

We got there just before two and Tank hoped right out of the truck and actually gave Mom a rope burn on her hand from pulling the leash through it he was so excited. Ouch! Pearl, who is a shy wallflower took a bit of convincing to get out of the truck but eventually she came out to play. There were already a TON of pugs around and Tank was very excited to meet them all. Pearl stuck close to her brother and was on the reserved side but happily wasn't freaking out or anything.

Not sure what to expect I had dressed the pugs in their Men in Black suits for the costume contest and they looked quite spiffy. We went in and the place was already PACKED with pugs and their people. We found where we were supposed to sign up, did so and then went and sat down to wait for our turn.

The costumes were GREAT! I think my favorite was Morticia from The Addams Family; her owner was dressed as Gomez and they had a whole diorama of the house they lived in, a cauldron flled with dry ice and black roses everywhere. Heehee, the pug even had fake eyelashes on; it was too cute.

We were in the group category; the last group to go. Our thunder was kinda stolen as there was a 'Men in Black' agent in the second group before us who ended up winning second place in that group. Darn it, I wish we would have gone before them! Ah well, it was fun. As soon as the winners of our category were announced I took the pugs out of their costumes; they were pretty warm in them. We hung around for a little while and then headed back outside to head home.

Wouldn't you know it; as Tank was leaving his 'pee-mail' for the day before we left Mom stepped in a HUGE pile of doggie doo; very obviously NOT pug related (it was a BIG as some of the smaller pugs! Ugh!). I can't STAND when people don't clean up after their dogs!

I brought my camera to the event but wouldn't you know it I was so busy wrangling the pugs that I didn't take even one picture? There were a bunch of photographers there though and they said the pics will be up online very shortly so we shall see.

Anyways, the pugs are now passed out as I type this; well Pearl and Tank are while Ickis is in the backyard barking at something or other. Ah, Ick just came back in through the doggie door and is getting comfy on one of the beds nearby. Hubby is home all this week on vacation so the pugs are going to love that; I wish I could stay home with them all. Weekends need to be longer.

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