Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Getting up in the mornings just gets harder and harder as the year progresses. Who wants to get out of a nice, warm bed with two pugs snuggled up against you (Ickis likes to sleep on the doggie bed on the floor right next to the bed) while it's still dark outside? Not me I tell you! I forgot to set the alarm last night but still woke up at the right time but since the alarm didn't go off Pearl didn't want to get up. Once the alarm goes off she is UP and licking Mom to wake up me up if I like it or not. Today though she seemed as reluctant to leave the warmth of the covers as I was.
Tank is not a morning puggie. At all. Once the alarm goes off he will grunt his annoyance at his sisters moving around and if he isn't already there come up the bed to flop down on my pillow and snuggle with me. Once I get up he scoots a little further to center himself on the pillow and makes a puggie loaf of himself by tucking his feet underneath him. There he will stay until I coax him into the living room with promises of breakfast; he'll jump down from the bed only to go to another bed in the living room to wait until I start making breakfast. Once breakfast is done he makes a short trip out into the backyard before coming and getting cozy on one of the beds to sleep again.

Ickis is sort of in between his brother and sister; some days he hopes right out of his bed to follow me for breakfast, some days (like today) he lingers; taking a looooong stretch before slowly making his way to the kitchen to wait for breakfast.

Hubby is MUCH more of a morning person than I am; he is on vacation this week and while I grudgingly got ready for work he was already up, making himself breakfast and looking over his 'To Do' list for the day. On the weekends he lets me sleep late and gets up with the furkids in the morning and takes care of their breakfast. *sigh* If only every day was a weekend! :p


  1. Yep your mornings sounds JUST like ours! Sophie doesn't understand the whole "snooze button" concept and stands on us, Harley could care less but gets up when we do, and Dixie is the reason they invented snooze: we have to drag her out of bed. I hate dark morning walks!

  2. It's been cold in the morning here, so I only get out of bed when mom wakes PlusOne up. Then of course, I jump on his bed and wait for him to get dressed, feed us, and take us out.


  3. good morning!
    i love this post! i love hearing about the different personalities of all of your puggies.

    emmitt and i are the morning people while my husband would sleep in if he could. with pug and wife up at dawn excited for breakfast and coffee... he doesn't have a chance. :)

    have a great day!
    melissa and emmitt