Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Coronation gown & Gone with the Wind Gown

Thought I would share a few more pics right away. :) I was showing you the progress on my Coronation gown; I got it done just in time. I am really happy with how it came out!!

Me walking to be crowned Queen


Posing with my Bellydance troupe after the ceremony

Also this year I made a really nice red silk satin version of Scarlett's 'Shame' gown from 'Gone with the Wind' for a Bride for her wedding. Here are a few pics of how it came out:

The red gown was REALLY expensive one; the fabric alone was close to $1000! I want one for myself now though. LOL!

I fail at Blogger - pug in pjs pics to make up for it!

So I totally fell down on the job of keeping this blog updated. <:( I log into google reader every day to be sure to keep up with all YOUR blogs but never got around to updating mine. I pretty much do all my blogging on Livejournal, should have just copied and pasted some of the entries over here. I was reminded that I hadn't posted while chatting with Punchy in regards to some pics I forwarded her of the pugs. I contacted her last week about making some PJs for them and they arrived yesterday! FAST! So of course I popped them on and Hubby and I did a quick photoshoot with them. Lots of treats were involved to get them to stay long enough for pics & there were alot of outtakes. Here are a few good ones:

Seriously, if you aren't in sugar shock from the cuteness you need to get yourself checked out. ;) If you don't know Punchy yet here is a link to her blog & here is a link to her Etsy store! I know my furkids are soon going to have a wardrobe from her!

I promise to post with some pics & info from this year soon!