Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Coronation gown & Gone with the Wind Gown

Thought I would share a few more pics right away. :) I was showing you the progress on my Coronation gown; I got it done just in time. I am really happy with how it came out!!

Me walking to be crowned Queen


Posing with my Bellydance troupe after the ceremony

Also this year I made a really nice red silk satin version of Scarlett's 'Shame' gown from 'Gone with the Wind' for a Bride for her wedding. Here are a few pics of how it came out:

The red gown was REALLY expensive one; the fabric alone was close to $1000! I want one for myself now though. LOL!

I fail at Blogger - pug in pjs pics to make up for it!

So I totally fell down on the job of keeping this blog updated. <:( I log into google reader every day to be sure to keep up with all YOUR blogs but never got around to updating mine. I pretty much do all my blogging on Livejournal, should have just copied and pasted some of the entries over here. I was reminded that I hadn't posted while chatting with Punchy in regards to some pics I forwarded her of the pugs. I contacted her last week about making some PJs for them and they arrived yesterday! FAST! So of course I popped them on and Hubby and I did a quick photoshoot with them. Lots of treats were involved to get them to stay long enough for pics & there were alot of outtakes. Here are a few good ones:

Seriously, if you aren't in sugar shock from the cuteness you need to get yourself checked out. ;) If you don't know Punchy yet here is a link to her blog & here is a link to her Etsy store! I know my furkids are soon going to have a wardrobe from her!

I promise to post with some pics & info from this year soon!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A 'Ruff' day for Pearl

Pearl came with us this past weekend to another SCA event and wore her elizabethan ruff so she would fit in with all of us other costumed crazies. ;) She had a wonderful time and I loved having her with me! We figured out that if we sit just right she fits right next to me on the throne and she spent quite a while napping there. :)

Here are some photos from the day!

Smiling in her Ruff!

Trying to get Daddys attention.

About to give Daddy a kiss!

Hope you enjoyed!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Dreary Day

Its foggy and grey here in DFW this morning and boy, I am wishing I stayed home. Hubby took a sick day today as he hasn't been feeling 100% the past few days and it took all my willpower not to climb back under the covers and snuggle with him and the pugs for the rest of the day. So now I sit at work WISHING I was at home with my family in bed. At least it is Thursday and almost the weekend, a weekend where I get to stay home, sleep late and basically recharge.

Hubby and I went away to an SCA event in Mississippi last week that was a week long; it is called Gulf Wars and it is wonderful. As we are the Prince and Princess currently we had an awful lot of work to do there but it really was a pleasure. There were about 3,500 people in attendance, everyone dressed in medieval clothes and living like you would in medieval times. Since we are Royalty we got to sleep in a cabin onsite but most people camp. Walking around during the week was nifty, so many of the campsites are gorgeous to look at with period pavillions and streaming silk banners.

We had such a wonderful time that week it has been hard this week getting re-adjusted to the real world. I mean, who wouldn't have trouble going back to work and doing mundane things after literally being treated like a Princess for the past week? So I've been kinda sad this week and the rainy weather hasn't been helping my mood much.

The pugs stayed home for the week and I missed them terribly! I had a dog sitter come feed them in the mornings and our friend K come visit them in the evenings. The house was a mess when we got back; the pugs somehow figured out how to get around the barrier fence we set up around the couches and they were covered in hair and unfortunately pee when we got home. :( They have since been vaccumed and steam cleaned but it is very frustrating to have to go through all that. The pugs have a doggie door yet they choose to pee on the furniture. Hubby was seriously upset about the accidents but was better after everything was cleaned.

Anyways, here are some pics taken recently of Hubby and I.

Me looking all princessy. ;)

Hubby firing up the troops!

Hope everyone is well out there in blogger land! I know I don't comment much but I'm still here and reading! ;)

Monday, March 9, 2009

More dress progress

I got *ALOT* done this weekend; I beaded Friday night, all of saturday (from 8am till about 10pm) and most of sunday. Pinned the sleeves on and laid out the hem trim in the front to get an idea how the gown is coming together. :)
Here is a close-up of the armband:
Here is a closeup of the neckline:

Still alot to do. The sleeves are only half there, the bottom half will be large bell sleeves. The hem of the sleeves will also be beaded so I can't attach them till that is done and then they are lined. Pics will be posted as I make more progress!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Sorely Overdue for a Post

Yeap, thats me. :p Sorry I haven't been keeping up with posting over here although I read everyone else's blogs daily. Wouldn't miss them! Things have been really busy down here in Texas; only about two months left till Hubby and I step up as King and Queen of our Kingdom in the SCA. Two months might seem like ALOT of time but its not when you are making, hand beading and embroidering two outfits!

I have some progress pics of my gown; it looks more like a wedding gown right now but it will look more medieval once I get the sleeves on. Planning a Coronation is ALOT like planning a wedding; there is SO MUCH to coordinate! Anyways, here are the pics:

Front of the dress; white silk with red silk accents and black satin ribbon edging

Side view, you can see the train. The dress is 8.5 yards around at the hem!

Started the beading for the hem of the dress; the silk is REALLY red rather than pink like my silly camera makes it out to be. FYI, the beading is not crooked either; its just the way the silk was laying when I took the pic that makes it looks so.

My shoes that I will be wearing on the big day! I love them but they are a little snug so I am wearing them to stretch them out a little.

So thats what I've been up to! The pugs are all well and have been trying to 'help' while I've been sewing with things like walking all over and standing on my WHITE SILK FABRIC while I was trying to cut it out! :p Now that I've got the dress mostly together (can't sew the sleeves on until the armbands have been beaded) I've been working on beading the hem (which will be attached once its beaded too) and the pugs are THRILLED about that. Why? Because when I am beading I am sitting in one spot for an extended amount of time and that means they come and lay all over me. Its not easy trying to be productive with three snoring pugs draped across you. Although I did learn that Pearl is a good prop up for the scroll frame that the beading is on. Just have to be careful not to poke her with the needle. :p

Well thats all for now! I hope everyone out there in Blogger land is well!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Pics from Crown Tourney

Being announced
Before the final fight

Sir Hrafn faces Duke Miguel
Hrafn is crowned Prince

I am crowned Princess

Monday, January 26, 2009

Whew! Busy busy!

Haven't had a chance to post here in a while; things have been CRAZY. On January 10th my Husband won THE BIG tournament that we have for our Medieval Reenactment group which means I am Princess now and in just over 3 months I will be Queen! This is a VERY cool thing but this also means that pretty much for the rest of this year my life will revolve around the SCA. I am excited about this but already its been alot of work and it will be even more once we step up as King and Queen. At least we have a few months to prepare for it!

The pugs have been great; we had a busy weekend with lots of visitors so they were in heaven! Pearl has killed the last of the christmas stuffies; there was white stuffing all over the living room last night. Will have to go out and get some more toys for them this week.

Hope everyone has been staying warm; its been pretty chilly here in Texas!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Explination of my sewing

So it seems I need to do a little explaining on my sewing for everyone reading. I guess popping those dresses up was kind of out of the blue; I forget how new this blog is and that I haven't really talked about myself all that much. :) I intended it to be just about the pugs but I see now that blogger can be more than that.

Anyways! I sew. Alot. Mostly costumes but I do the occasional wedding gown as well. Sometimed for other people and sometimes for myself. I mostly sew for other people enough to fund my sewing for myself. ;) My favorite things to sew are victorian gowns as well as Movie Recreations especially Moulin Rouge. I have now made 6 of Satine's gowns for myself and have plans to make the remaining 5 as well. ;) Obsess much? Yeah, thats me.

I also do alot of medieval costuming as I am a member of the SCA. I haven't done much medieval sewing this year but my next project will be for the SCA so you will probably see pics of it going up later.

Here is a link to my costuming website where you can see more; the gowns I showed you in the previous post haven't been uploaded yet as I am sorely behind in updating but you can see some of my past work! Just click on the pic to go there!

Have fun browsing and I hope you like everything!

Monday, January 5, 2009

What I've been up to

The past two weeks I've had off from work and have spent a good deal of time away from the computer. Just finished reading up on all of your blogs; too many to comment on but I read them at least! :)

I've been a busy bee this vacation; the pugs happily keeping me company the whole time. I've made three victorian gowns in the past week; two replicas from the Movie 'Moulin Rouge (my favorite) and one bustle gown of my own creation. Thought I would share them with you!

Here is the first gown I made; the Blue and Black victorian gown that is a period gown but not a replica. I just liked the blue and black combination.

Next is the first Moulin Rouge replica; Satine's Grey Walking Gown. First is a picture from the movie and second is a picture of the gown I made.
Lastly is a gown that is still in progress as of last night; I haven't doen the closures on the jacket yet (they are just pinned) nor have I finished the lower part of the sleeves but you can still see that I have alot done. I also need to have the leather waist cincher made, that is in progress. First is a screencap from the behind the scenes of the movie and second is my gown as it looks at the moment.

Hope you like em! :)