Thursday, November 6, 2008

Master Beggars

I can't help but laugh (even though I know I'm not supposed to) at the efforts the pugs go through to get a tiny bit of precious human food. I admit to it, I share probably more often than I should but I can't help it. I have the willpower of a gnat when it comes to those big, glistening puppy eyes which tell me everything in the world would be alright if I just gave them a bit of my dinner.

The pugs all have different begging styles and each looks at the other during these episodes as if to say "No, you are doing it wrong! Look here!" and proceeds to perform their act. Ickis is the most passive of the three; he sits closeby perfectly still as if to say "Look! Look how good I am sitting! I am the best dog ever and you should give me food!" His eyes bulge a little bit as he tries to move the food on my fork to his mouth with the power of his brain but does not break his sit.

Pearl on the other hand takes a more paws on approach. She will sit on the other side of me for a few seconds to see if the 'perfectly behaved' angle will get her anywhere. When it dosen't she will grunt and scoot her bum a little closer and closer, grunting with each scoot she makes. When she is pretty much leaning on my leg she will then try and stand on it, looking from me to the food and back again trying to tell me what she wants as I'm obviously not getting that she is STARVING. Should I pay her no attention she will them try and start straining to snif the food as if to say 'I just wanna smell it. Seriously, just smell it!' until I push her away and then the process will start over again.

Tank, who normally is the quiet one takes the vocal approach. As with the other two he will start with the 'sit' performance, his eyes wide and fixed on my face. Should I not pay him any attention he will start to whuff. The whuffing gets louder and louder to get into barking until I silence him with a look. He wags his tail when I meet his gaze and looks from the food back to me as if I again have no idea that he covets my dinner. I'll turn back to my food and the process starts again.

Not until I am finished and say 'All gone!' do they give up, even if I slip them a bite or two underneath Hubbys dissaproving gaze. They especially go nuts for popcorn which Hubby LOVES and air pops quite often, it amuses me to see how of little interest I am to them when there is abowl of popcorn in the room.


  1. Not sure my mommy could resist all 3 of you, either! Those puggie eyes sure know how to beg!

  2. oh my goodness!
    that is so funny! my emmitt is like tank. he sings and sings for food.
    i love how they are all different but yet the same!
    great post!
    m & e

  3. That is so funny! We have experienced all of those tactics in our house! The most often used is the big sad eyes that look at you as if to say "I haven't eaten in forever and I'm starving!"

  4. That is very, very funny. Lucky and I LOVE popcorn. Lucky keeps barking until mom gives her some. But I usually get it before she does. ha ha. Tonight mom fed us potatos and carrots that were used in the making of her chicken soup broth. They were all mushy and delicious.


  5. BOL!!!! That what I do when my Mommy & Daddy are eating!
    Hugs & Snugs
    Eduardo the Snuggle Puggle