Thursday, November 13, 2008

Be home by dark!

The pugs and I learned a few new things last night on their walk. I got home about an hour later than usual as I had to go to the fabric store to get sipplies for a weekend sewing project. After that I ran to the pet store to get some more doggie poo bags; I opted for the 120 pack in blue rather than my usual grey bags... I don't know why.

When I got home and got ready to take the furkids out it was about 5:45 rather than 4:30 like usual. It had already started getting dark but we live in a lovely neighborhood and wasn't worried about safety or that sort of thing so we set out.

The pugs soon started making with the pooping and I discovered that the blue bags I purchased really weren't compatible with my carrying case that I already had. The holder is made to work with the grey bags which feed bags from the cener of the roll. The blue bags feed from the outside. It worked ok for the first two poops but just as Ickis took his turn in pooping I discovered that it wasn't going to work anymore.

We were standing next to the bridge that leads into the park and I tried to pull another blue bag out. Instead of pulling out the bag the plastic cover to the case got stuck on the bag and came off allowing the tube of rolled up bags to pop out and go rolling across the grass. I scrambled to try and pick all the bags up while Ickis finished pooping and all three pugs were pulling me in every direction. I stuffed the bags into the larger plastic bag I carry for holding multiple mini-bags and went to scoop the poop with the remaining bag I left out.

Problem was I couldn't FIND the poop. I had laser eye surgery in August of this year and while my eyesight is near perfect in the daytime I am still having trouble with my nightvision. So there I am, three pugs pulling me in every which direction while I'm straining to find Ickis' poop. Eventually I guiltily gave up, I couldn't see it and we returned home.

When we got home and I was putting the leashes away I discovered I lost the cap that goes to the container for the poo bags! So now I have to go back to the pet store and either get a new poo bag holder that is compatible with the blue bags or get more grey bags and hope that when I get home today I can go out and find the lost cap before I take the dogs on their walk.

So the moral of this story is to never leave on a walk when its getting dark. Things will go badly!


  1. Ohhh it is so nice to hear of another pug mama that walks all three of her pugs. I do it every day after work, and (usually) my boyfriend and I do it together at night and in the AM. Well when the time changed for daylight savings time, it was SO dark in the morning that I bought a mini flashlight to keep in my pocket or on a leash!!! We can never find the poops either without it. The boyfriend is traveling now so I just take them in our yard twice in the morning... it's way less interesting for them so it takes a while! But it's too dark and scary to walk them on the street by myself- NO streetlights!

  2. What a funny story! It sounds like you got more of a workout than the pups on this walk! I hope you can find the cap!

  3. I'm so sorry that happened to you! Don't go out after dark anymore!
    Hugs & Snugs
    Eduardo the Snuggle Puggle

  4. We wish Mommy would take us on more walks, but she doesn't like having all 5 of us on leashes at the same time. We don't understand it because we always try to make it fun by playing a game of tangle Mommy. But we have a big backyard with a fence and a German Shepard next door, so it's fun too. We hope you have better luck with the next walk!
    The Pug Posse

  5. Mom used to carry a flashlight. It was enormously helpful. As for the poo bags, that must have been a lot of fun (not) picking them up with three pugs pulling on you.